About us

About our store

There are many online stores dealing in pre-owned items.  Here is what we do and how we hope to set ourselves apart from the others.

We are lovers of luxury goods and have been collecting items from high end fashion houses for many years.  During this time, we have also gained experience dealing with resellers and we know how we want to be treated as customers.

Our primary focus is on preloved items that are still in fairly good shape, but at a significant discount from retail price.  And we strive to create an environment where buyers feel comfortable making their purchase, by providing excellent communication and service.


Why trust us?

How do you know the bags are authentic, and not replicas?  The increasing skills of counterfeiters and the nature of the internet can be scary.  Don't just take our word for it -- here at Preloved Lux, we authenticate all our items with our in-house experts in additional to using 3rd party authenticators - Authenticate First or Entrupy, reputable authentication service to assess and certify all bags sold on this website.  Experts examine authenticity codes, brand markings, date codes, holograms, leather quality, serial numbers, stamps, stitching and zippers to confirm 100% authenticity.  They issue certificates/email authentication to authenticate our preloved items prior for us to list it for sale.  For more information about Authenticate First and Entrupy, visit their website at www.authenticatefirst.com and https://www.entrupy.com